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Date: 4/20/2016 5:30 PM EDT

The FY2017 House budget is coming up for debate

Next week, the House of Representatives will debate the FY2017 budget released by the Committee on Ways & Means.  They'll consider what to do with the 1,307 amendments that propose to change, in ways large and small, how the state will manage its purse this coming year. 

The Massachusetts fiscal year runs July 1 to June 30.  The House of Representatives will complete its work in April, the Senate will repeat the process with its version of the budget in May, and the idea is to have a single, final budget approved by both bodies and signed by the Governor in time for July, 1, 2016.

credit: malegislature.gov

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Date: 4/15/2016 9:30 AM EDT

One Boston Day

Today marks the third anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombings, in which our community suffered the loss of four lives, and countless injuries and traumas. Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh recently declared that April 15 will be permanently designated One Boston Day, a day of kindness, community, and peace. Community events and random acts of kindness will be happening all over the city today.  Learn more at onebostonday.org.

House Ways & Means FY2017 Budget Released

On Wednesday, April 13, the Massachusetts House of Representatives Ways  released its FY2017 budget.  House lawmakers will review the document and file amendments, with debate scheduled to begin on Monday, April 25.

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