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Date: 11/14/2016 9:03 AM EST

President Obama and President-elect Trump officially begin the transition.

Winding down and gearing up

The 2015-16 legislative session is winding down.  Though the Legislature has not met in formal sessions since July 31, they continue to meet in informal sessions where bills are more easily stopped, but can move unexpectedly.

By now you've seen the results: Donald Trump is the President-elect, and the only statewide ballot questions that passed were those to require more humane treatment of farm animals and to legalize the recreational use of marijuana for people over 21 years of age.

We have 14 new legislators in the Massachusetts House and Senate.  Walter Timilty (D-Milton) moves from the House to the Senate, so he's technically a veteran lawmaker.

Here at Neponset Strategies, we continue our work to advance the agendas of our clients.  And even though it's not yet Thanksgiving, we are already hard at work mapping out strategies for the coming session.

The only certainty that came from this election season is that change is on the horizon.  If your organization could use some support in legislative, regulatory, or state budgeting processes, or if you'd like some help building relationships with decision-makers, give us a call or drop a line.  

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